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New Museum Projects

Installing New Exhibit Cases

Preparing New Exhibit

Installing Exhibit Case UV Filters

Installing Exhibit Case UV Filters (4/13)

Museum Curator Joe Camisa is currently installing special UV filters in each case to protect historical collection pieces from light damage.  The project will be completed over the next few weeks.

Preparing New Exhibit for Display  (4/13)

A new exhibit highlighting the 100 + year old Railway Express Agency will be completed over the next few weeks.  Exhibit collection includes a courier bag, original shipping tags, and large agent sign.  

New Exhibit Cases (1/13)

We received a donation of two used exhibit cases.  Museum President John Schoener  updated the wiring in each case prior and now are ready for new exhibits to be installed.

Project Spotlight

Repainting Hallway in 1950’s and 1960’s Great Northern Railway

Color Scheme

Museum Treasurer Todd Blixt took on the painstaking project of repainting the back hallway across from the HO train-room.  His efforts required use of computer software to properly match and scale the stripe and company lettering.  Afterwards, a substantial number of hours went into painting the wall so the finished product resembled a Great Northern locomotive.  Repainting the hallway

is just one major step in  the process of renovating this section of the museum.  The next step will be installing a gallery hanging system for displaying famed photographs and paintings.  Once completed, this improved area will be known as the Great Northern Railway Gallery Wing.  It will be used to interpret the company’s history through images and text.

Repainted Hallway  in Great Northern Railway Colors